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LOL下注平台|A robot has hired a human being for the first time in history as an AI was left to do job interviews.人工智能被应用于工作试镜,有史以来第一次,一个机器人聘请了一名人类。Robotic head Tengai has been commissioned to carry out recruitment in the Upplands Bro Municipality, Sweden.首席机器人腾艾被委托在瑞典乌普兰斯布罗市展开聘用。Tengai resembles a head on a stick, with a friendly looking face beamed onto a screen which wraps around his plastic skull.腾艾就像一颗宽在木棒上的头,他的塑料脑袋上有一块屏幕,屏幕上展现出着一张友好关系的脸。The robot was developed by recruitment company TNG together with the tech firm Furhat Robotics.这款机器人是由聘用公司TNG和科技公司Furhat 机器人公司联合研发的。


He is reported to have hired a man called Anders Ornhed, from Jarfalla.据报导,他从耶尔费拉聘用了一位名为安德斯·奥恩赫德的男子。Anders has the honour of becoming the first person ever to hired by an AI.安德斯幸运地沦为史上第一位被人工智能聘请的人。Swedish radio reported Anders got through the interview process with Tengai.据瑞典之声报导,安德斯成功通过了腾艾的试镜。

He was given the job as digital coordinator at the municipality office.他被任命为市政办公室的数字协调员。Tengai is boasted to be bias free.人们赞扬腾艾“没种族主义”。The robot is not affected by the jobseekers age, gender of ethnicity – he just wants the best person for the job.机器人不不受求职者年龄、性别或种族的影响,他只想寻找最合适这份工作的人选。


Anders said: Its very different from being interviewed by a human being.安德斯回应:“这与拒绝接受人类的试镜十分有所不同。For example, you do not get any confirmation whether you have answered enough.“例如,关于你否充份问了问题,你并会获得任何证实。”Tengai was designed to challenge old stereotypes and help to eliminate humanities subconscious prejudices.设计腾艾的目的在于“挑战陈规旧制”,以避免人类“潜意识中的种族主义”。TNG bosses claim the robot will create business value, increased competitiveness and diversity in the workplace.TNG经理回应,机器人将“工商管理场上”建构“商业价值、提升竞争力并减少多样性”。

Previously, CEO Asa Edman Kallstromer said: We humans often try to find people who have the same interests and are like ourselves.阿萨·艾德曼·科尔斯托默总裁曾回应:“我们人类往往尝试去找与自己具有完全相同嗜好,并与自己相似的人。This is often done through private questions that get us emotionally involved.“这往往不会通过那些让我们投放感情的私人问题来构建。

”The robot never asks such questions and never gets emotional.“而机器人从会问这样的问题,也会显得情绪化。”Furhat Robotics advert features a woman with a hijab being turned down by three recruitment managers before being given a job by Tengai.在Furhat机器人的广告中,一名带着头巾的女士被三位聘用经理拒绝接受了,但之后她被腾艾任用了。。